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Texas Tennis and Education Foundation Scholarships to Support Academic Goals

Funds collected through charitable donations and tennis events are under the supervision and control of the Texas Tennis and Education Foundation. The purpose of the funds is to provide scholarships for ambitious and worthy students who reside in the Texas Section, have an interest in tennis, and have a desire to obtain a higher education but are in need of financial aid to do so. The scholarships are administered solely by the Texas Tennis and Education
Foundation. Gifts to the scholarship funds should be made directly to the Texas Tennis and Education Foundation and may be earmarked for the particular scholarship if desired. The scholarship breakdown will be as follows:
  • Texas Tennis and Education Foundation (12)
  • Ben T. Ball Scholarship (1)
  • Harold Green Memorial Scholarship (1)
  • Marti Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship (1)

Click Here to get a copy of the application.

Texas Tennis and Education Foundation Competitive Player Travel Assistance Grant

The purpose of this grant is to assist competitive junior players with their travel expenses to National Junior Tournament Schedule events or ITF Schedule events. Any player, whether Quota (already receiving monetary help from the USTA Texas Section) or not, may submit an application for this travel expense reimbursement grant associated with national events. The deadline for submission of the grant applications are outlined below:


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